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Shunte is an award winning entrepreneur, best selling author, motivational speaker, and radio personality.

Shunte is the CEO of Women Empowering Change INC and Mixed Talk Media which houses Mixed Talk Studio, Mixed Talk Radio, and Mixed Talk Magazine. 

She is sought out by top industry professionals and organizations to equip them with the tools essential to achieve new levels in their professional careers, break barriers blocking their personal goals, and to create action plans that promote continued growth.

Shunte understands the desire to be successful has a HUGE impact on how business professionals tend to view their progress. LEARN MORE ABOUT SHUNTE>>

Shunte's Latest Project

Volume3 is fresh from the Mixed Talk Media oven! This year was a year of firsts. We are honored to feature  amazing entrepreneurs, 2022 Catalyst 4 Change Award recipients, our growth this year, and a message for the soul.


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