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Join Me on the Show!

Shout out to my guests! We always have a blast on the show.

Brands & Web Presence

Mixed Talk Media (Radio, Magazine, Media)

Mixed Talk Media Digital (Magazine Spotlights, Advertising)

Women Empowering Change Inc. (Nonprofit)
Shunte Gamble (Podcast Shows, Booking Information)

Social Media

Facebook @mixedtalkmedia and @shunte_gamble

Instagram @shunte_gamble

Show Information

-Show Dates are on CST

-25 minute segment

-Aired Saturdays at 1pm CST on MTM Radio

-Guests select a topic & interview date

-Guests share their knowledge, expertise, and/or wisdom about the topic of the day to equip our listeners.

-Guests can also share about their brand, upcoming events, products, services, songs with the purchase of a branding show package.

Included Bonus!!


DIGITAL MAGAZINE FEATURE-Complete an interview and tell us all about your brand for us to share. Buy/follow links added to features.


The show content is clean and purposed to inspire and empower listeners. No profanity nor explicit language (cursing or derogatory, insensitive, cultural references) are permitted. 

Guest appearances are per person and are required for all in studio guests (participating and non participating). A max of 1 additional guest to join us while we record or air. 

PARKING PASS- 1 validated parking pass is provided. Additional parking is at the responsibility of the guests.

NO food, drinks, smoking, or handguns are allowed in studio. We provide light refreshments.  

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