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Mixed Talk Media

I founded Mixed Talk Media in 2020. MTM is divided into three entities; Mixed Talk Studio, Mixed Talk Radio, and Mixed Talk Magazine. Mixed Talk Media, serves to be a platform for professionals and a voice of empowerment. I believe in building a thriving global community.

Mixed Talk Radio is the most chill online radio station in Houston. We vibe daily to new mixes and host a variety of talk shows.

Mixed Talk Magazine spotlights brands, community events, and professionals.

Mixed Talk Media is purposed to spotlight the community through video and audio productions.

Playing Now

Radio Schedule

On a Mission to Give Back

We've got BIG Fundraising 4 Hope goals for 2021!

In order to reach these goals, we need your help.

  • We aim to offer free events/training for creators.

  • We aim to offer affordable advertising rates.

  • We aim to offer access to our affordable podcasting studio rates where entrepreneurs can create.

  • We aim to build a global network of Mixed Talk Radio Hosts.

Mixed Talk Magazine Vol. 2

Volume 2 is fresh from the Mixed Talk Media oven! This year was a year of firsts. We are honored to feature 13 amazing entrepreneurs, 12 are our 2021 Catalyst 4 Change Award recipients, our growth this year, and a message for the soul.

P.S. My message is on page 7


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