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Women Empowering Change

I founded Women Empowering Change in 2016. WEC exists to equip purpose driven leaders with both interpersonal and professional tools to create change within their communities and beyond. I believe purpose driven leaders are an integral part of any community. 

My goal is to empower interpersonal growth, cultivate rich leadership skills, build professional networks, and increase community support. WEC is funded by donations, revenue generated from events, and WEC Programs. As a result, we are able to provide the needed resources that inspires change.

On a Mission to Give Back

We've got BIG Fundraising 4 Hope goals for 2021!

In order to reach these goals, we need your help.

  • We aim to provide free Leadership Academy classes for professionals.

  • We aim to offer free and affordable events for professionals.

  • We aim to gift college scholarships to working adults.

  • We aim to offer affordable advertising rates with WEC and Mixed Talk Media.

  • We aim to offer access to our affordable sharespace office suite and podcasting studio suite where entrepreneurs can create.

  • We aim to build a global network of iSpeak presenters and WEC members who are determined to succeed.

WEC Leadership Academy

The WEC Leadership Academy provides a targeted curriculum that improves professional and personal growth individuals, small business owners, and organizations. The Academy focuses on strategic planning, best/proven practices, life experiences, and fun.


We approach each course from of real-life experiences, intellect, and humor. Each lesson is a series of segments that follows a blueprint of a specific topic.

Goal Set

Be involved in action-oriented development through a hands-on method for creating actionable goals. Practice new skills through our Blueprint process.


Collaborate alongside a global community of learners. Gain feedback through "Ask the Speaker". Share your gained skills with others at work and in your community.


Leaders who are aware of their thinking processes and actions are able to gain the most out of our courses and are able to successfully implement learned practices.

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